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Links with Community

Links With Community

Community links and engaging with the local community are core to the Vision of The Boulevard Academy.

The Boulevard Academy is proud to be a central figure in the local community. We want students to engage with all areas of the community and be proud of the area they live.

Students are encouraged to support all aspects of the local community and ensure that students act the same way in the community as they do in school.

The Academy has strong links with our partner primary schools and families are at the heart of our community and we are committed to working with them. Furthermore we have strong partnerships with a range of other organisations and groups that further enrich the learning experiences students enjoy at the Academy.

Our partners include Wyke College, Hull University, Education Business Partnership, The Vulcan Learning Centre and the Children’s University.

The Academy has also strong links with a range of clubs and organisations, including The Western Library, Hull FC and St John the Baptist Church.

St John the Baptist Church

The newly refurbished community church on St George’s Road has been a key part of The Boulevard Academy since it opened. Students at The Academy deliver the annual remembrance service in November as well as supporting other events.

Hull FC

Hull FC have supported the Boulevard Academy through coaching projects such as Sky Try and supporting education projects with Year 7 run by former club captain Gareth Ellis.

Hull Judo Club

Hull Judo Club has been based at The Boulevard Academy since 2014. One of Yorkshire's premier Judo Clubs, Hull Judo Club runs sessions at The Boulevard Academy every Thursday night.

The Hull Western Library

All students at The Boulevard Academy have the opportunity to visit the local library. It is important that students develop a love of reading and pride of the facilities in their local area.

Local sports club hire

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