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Links with Community

Links With Community

Community links and engagement are very important to The Boulevard Academy.

Although we have a city-wide admissions policy, we want students who attend the Academy to work closely with the local community.

Our partner primary schools and families are at the heart of our community and we are committed to working with them. But we also have strong partnerships with a range of other organisations and groups that further enrich the learning experience students enjoy at the Academy.

Our partners include Wyke College, Hull University, Education Business Partnership and the Children’s University.

The Academy has also strong links with a range of clubs and organisations, including Hull FC and St John the Baptist Church.

The Academy is one of the biggest community resources in the area and we want to encourage the use of the building in the evening and weekends. For example, we are partners with Hull City Council in their Sports Strategy and we prioritise the use of our facilities for the benefit of young people in our local area.

We firmly believe that we educate children on behalf of the community and opportunities to involve the community in our learning are very important. For example, when our students raise money, we look for a local charity to help.

Every student who joins the Academy will also have the support of a mentor from the business and enterprise community in order to help them to establish their career goals.

The mentors will work with small groups of students to develop essential skills such as teamwork, innovation and creativity but also to give them functional skills they can use in the workplace. We also hope these partnerships will offer companies the chance to stretch their managers and aspiring leaders.

The Academy will engage fully in Hull’s Young Enterprise programme. In particular, we are keen to promote a culture of enterprise in the school and encourage students to engage in worthwhile activities that will benefit both themselves and the local community, while at the same time helping students to understand how successful enterprises are both developed and managed.

We encourage students to aim high. By achieving their potential and giving something back, they can help raise aspirations in their own community.