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Information, care and guidance

Information Advice & Guidance

Information, Advice and Guidance, is an integral part of preparing students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life. The process of personal and social development begins at home and continues through school into adult life. IAG can help prepare for the choices, changes and transitions affecting young peoples’ future education, training and life as adult members of society.

Therefore, our students will leave The Boulevard Academy well equipped with the ‘life skills’ that they will need to be successful in whatever pathway they choose. We have developed a programme, which all pupils will participate in ‘Getting Real, Aim High’.

Our Vision is:

Students will ‘Get Real’ and understand the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to acquire for the world of work and to Aim High in terms of the careers to which they might aspire.

To provide for this opportunity students will follow the framework seen below.

Phase 1 – Building Foundations

Year 7 & 8

  • Exploring competencies required in work place
  • Identify opportunities to develop
  • Appreciate relevance of literacy and numeracy
  • LG & B mentors
  • Portfolio
  • Monitoring
  • ILP

Phase 2- Creating Aspirations

Year 9

  • Exploring breadth of career opportunities and path required
  • Appreciate relevance of broader curriculum in work place
  • LG & B mentors
  • Portfolio
  • Personal Statement
  • Monitoring
  • ILP

Phase 3 – Starting the Journey

Year 10 & 11

  • Experiencing the work environment
  • Interview preparation
  • LG & B mentors
  • Monitoring
  • Portfolio
  • Personal Statement
  • ILP

Every student within the academy will have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP), which is established by the student and their learning coach. It is a tool which informs the teacher, the parent and student of how the student learns, what their achievements are, their targets and strategies for improvement. The ILP will develop as they progress through the school. The focus of the ILP is on the TRICs skills:

(T) - Teamwork Leader - Leadership, Responsibility, Communication, Respect

(R) - Reflective Learner - Self Aware, Thoughtful, Adaptable, Develop

(I) - Independent Learner - Determination, Focus, Individual, Organisation

(C) - Creative Learner - Problem Solve, Imagination, Curiosity, Challenge Seek

Numerate Learner - Calculate, Investigate, Interpret and Convert

Literate Learner - Discuss, Detect, Write, Present

These skills are what pupils need to be effective employees and confident adults. Therefore raising their opportunities of employability.

From Year 7 onwards, all students will have the opportunity to link with a business mentor. From Year 9, the students will be able to sample and experience a wide range of real life work opportunities both on the school site and through work experience and internships with business partners.

Key to Success Venn Diagram

Knowledge & skills

for example;

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • I.T. Skills
  • Keyboard Skills


for example;

  • Relevant training in the area
  • Experience
  • GCSE


for example;

  • Team player
  • Self motivated
  • Show initiative