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The Curriculum

The goal in Years 7 and 8 is to equip students with a broad range of skills and knowledge.

The focus is to ensure that all students have the required skill levels in reading, writing and maths so they are equipped to access the broader curriculum at a level that is appropriate to their ability.

There are up to 6 class groupings in Year 7 to enable teaching in smaller groups of no more than 20 students. This approach will ensure that the Academy will be able to meet the needs of all students, including providing intensive support where this is required.

In Year 8, and for the rest of their time at the Academy, students are in slightly larger class groups of no more than 25 students.

This includes an intensive study of English, Maths and Science plus the learning of a Foreign Language, Humanities (History and Geography), Creative and Performing Arts, Drama and PE.

The emphasis in Years 9, 10 and 11 is on providing a core of basic subjects needed for future study and employment plus a diversity of choice to meet students’ individual interests and aptitudes.

The curriculum for older students ensures that all students are supported to achieve the English Baccalaureate (at a minimum English, Mathematics, Double Science, a Modern Foreign Language and a Humanities subject).

These subjects are taught to GCSE standards from Year 9. Students will typically study for 10 GCSEs.

This approach will also help to establish firm learning relationships with key members of staff.

In Year 10, students will be able to select two further options for GCSE or a similar course. These options include: Art and Design, Drama, Music, Sports Studies, Business Studies and Computing.

In Year 11, students continue with the two further options started in Year 10 and for the majority of students who pass their English Baccalaureate at the end of Year 10, they will also have the opportunity to take a one-year course in Critical Thinking, or undertake a programme of volunteering or possible internships with local businesses.

Some students will continue with the English Baccalaureate in Year 11 to complete and/or improve grades.

There will be a customised programme for each student to help them succeed in whatever career they choose.


We believe that engagement in a wide range of enrichment activities not only gives students a valuable breadth of experience but also helps to achieve greater success in the core GCSE subjects.

Therefore, particular emphasis will be placed on enrichment opportunities that will be an integral part of the curriculum, not an add-on.

Students will be both supported and challenged to explore and develop their creative talents through Music, Dance, Drama, Art and Design. All students will learn to play a musical instrument.

There will be many opportunities for both performance and display that will encourage students to take responsibility for presenting and celebrating their achievements.

As part of this enrichment programme, students will also be encouraged to “get real” and understand the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to acquire for the world of work and to aim high in terms of the jobs to which they might aspire.

From Year 9 onwards, all students will have the opportunity to link with a business mentor and, where appropriate a learning coach.

They will be able to sample and experience a wide range of real life work opportunities both on the Academy site and through work experience and internships with business partners.

Andy Grace, Principal
We place a strong emphasis on a traditional approach to education, where respect and discipline contribute to success in examinations. Core subjects including English and Maths are crucial to your child’s future life chances and are given top priority in our curriculum.
Andy Grace,