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Behaviour, Policy and Uniform

Behaviour & Uniform

At The Boulevard Academy, we aim to provide an orderly, caring and supportive community where students feel safe and secure.

Students are encouraged to develop self-discipline, demonstrate acceptable behaviour and show tolerance and respect to others all the time.

We believe that promoting good behaviour is the responsibility of all members of the Academy’s community, including students, teachers and parents.

One of the ways in which we promote the right standards and behaviour is through our uniform policy. The Governors, staff and students believe that an Academy uniform for students in Years 7 -11 is desirable and appropriate and helps promote a good working environment.

Students are expected to arrive at the Academy and leave the premises in full school uniform.

Uniform for Years 7-11

Blazer: Black blazer embroidered with The Boulevard Academy logo. These can be obtained from our uniform provider, Rawcliffe’s. The blazer must be worn in the Academy at all times unless given permission to remove by the Class Teacher.

Tie: Black/White striped tie must be worn at all times. These can be obtained from our uniform provider, Rawcliffe’s.

Coat / Fleece: A suitable plain, dark-coloured coat, sweatshirt or fleece may be worn as outerwear to and from Academy. There should be no logos on this clothing. ‘Hoodies’ must not be worn.

Trousers: Plain, black classic style trousers. These should be straight legged and not a tight, ‘bootleg’, ‘leggings’, ’drainpipe’ or ‘jeans’ style nor should they be ‘low-rise’. There should be no large belts or buckles. Trousers should not be made out of a denim fabric or leather.

Skirt: Black classic style skirt that is either straight or pleated. Skirts should not be tight, slit, or made of stretch fabric. The hem of the skirt should be no more than 5cm above the knee.

Shoes: Black polishable shoes must be of sensible design with low heels. Boots must not be worn. No trainers, flat pumps, stilettos or platform shoes. No bows or buckles. Shoes should protect and support feet to comply with the Academy’s Health & Safety Regulations.

Socks and Tights Socks – plain black, grey or white. Tights – plain black, grey or flesh coloured.

Shirt / Blouse: Plain white, long or short sleeved shirt / blouse with collar. The shirt / blouse should be tucked into the waistband when worn under a pullover so that it is not visible below it.

Pullover: Plain grey, ‘v’ neck pullover.

Hats and Head Covering: No hats to be worn in the Academy. The wearing of a head scarf or hijab, for religious reasons, is permitted. Garments covering the face or whole body, for example the abaya and niqab are not permitted.

Jewellery: One small discreet stud may be worn in each ear. No facial piercing. A wristwatch may be worn but no bracelets. A single chain with an item of jewellery representing the religious symbol of a student’s faith (such as a cross) is permitted but must be discreet. Jewellery must be removed for PE.

Hair/Hair Ornaments: No extremes of hair colour or style are allowed. Plain hairbands may be worn but only of a matching colour to uniform.

Make-Up & Nails: Make-up must not be worn. Nail varnish, if worn, should be clear.

If there are any doubts or concerns about the suitability of any item of clothing of proposed hair style, parents should contact the academy prior to purchasing or hiring a hair stylist.

‘Non uniform’ Events

If students are not expected to wear uniform because they are on a trip their clothing should be appropriate for the working environment/activities that they are taking part in.

In line with the dress code the following points should be noted:

Examples of unacceptable clothing items are: Cropped tops, low cut vest tops, strapless tops, knee length shorts, very short skirts or shorts and ripped jeans.

There should not be flesh on show between the top itself and the top of the skirt or trouser.

No flip flop shoes.

Tee shirts should not display extreme / offensive views or comments.

Copies of our Behaviour and Uniform policies are available on the policies section.