The Boulevard Academy
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Year 7

1st October 2018

On Wednesday 5th September we welcomed 120 Year 7 students to the Boulevard Academy.

With nerves running high they entered through the main door and into our Hall where they were greeted by the Principal Mrs Mitchell. The new students were keen to find out who their mentor was alongside who was in their new form group. Names were read out by the class teachers and off they went to begin their secondary education.

Parents continued to wait outside to see if they could see their child head off into school but all they saw was a sea of Boulevard blazers.

With lunchtime not until 1pm the Year 7 students had a long morning ahead and by 4:30pm they were ready to go home and have a rest.

They have soon found their way around the Academy, and have begun to become accustomed to the longer school day, they have even done a Saturday morning school where their behaviour was outstanding.

They are challenged each day with learning new skills and knowledge and we are confident that they will continue to excel building on the great learning experiences they have had in their primary schools.

With confidence running high, this week our Year 7’s will be involved in our Open Evening talking to current in Year 5 and 6 students about their experiences to date at The Boulevard Academy. I wonder what they will say?

Mrs Sharp
Head of Transition Phase