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Hull College Taster Day

28th June 2018

As part of their careers curriculum, students will be attending a Hull College Taster Day which takes place on the 9th July. Students will take part in two half day sessions which they have chosen from a list provided by Hull College. These include, health care, sports, motor vehicle, art and design, plus many others.

The aim of day is to give students an idea of Hull College life and what it’s like to be part of their student body. Students will attend lessons throughout the day. This will help them make some of the upcoming decisions about what, and where, they would like to study after Year 11. The day will be fun, as well as informative and students will get the opportunity to ask questions about other courses and facilities and, above all, enjoy themselves.

Students will attend the academy for the normal time of 8:20am. They will be leaving the academy for the event at approximately 8:45am and will arrive back to school at approximately 3:15pm on Monday 9th July 2018 in order to leave school at the usual time of 4:30pm

On the day, students need to:
• Bring a waterproof jacket
• Bring a bag with a notepad and a pen

Lunch is provided by Hull College however, students may bring snacks and/or a pack up for the day instead.

Due to the nature of some of the courses, students will not be expected to wear uniform for the day. However they are expected to follow our non-uniform policy, as detailed on the school website under “Uniform Policy” on page three. We strongly advise that students do not wear or bring expensive clothing or footwear.