The Boulevard Academy
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"The Boulevard Academy exists to enable every single student to be successful and achieve their full potential. Every member of staff I work alongside has the highest expectations of their students, and their colleagues. As you walk around the academy there is a real sense of community between staff and students, and a focus on achieving high academic standards through excellent teaching and learning. It is an absolute pleasure to work with students who are polite, determined and hard working."
Kieran Killick - Lead Teacher of History
“Here at The Boulevard Academy we recognise the importance of supporting students with their emotional wellbeing. All staff at The Boulevard Academy have received training on how to identify and support students in this area along with a dedicated team for additional support.”
Gemma Bentley- Family Liaison
“It is a privilege to work with such a dedicated group of staff at The Boulevard Academy who strive for excellence and support every student in achieving their full potential.”
Michael Williams- Assistant Principal
Janice Mitchell, Principal
We create, with our students, a positive learning culture that is highly aspirational and supportive. Our Academy is a family and we work together to support students in becoming life-long learners and developing the necessary skills and experiences they need for their bright futures.
Janice Mitchell,