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Success Stories

Student Success Stories

Head Boy William Shay, Head Girl Charlie Pow and their Deputies Dmitrijs Borisov and Ellis-May Griffiths talk about their roles and what it’s like to be a student at The Boulevard Academy.

Why did you want to be a student leader?

HB: "I knew the school was going to be good and I thought if I was Head Boy I could help other students and really support them."

HG: "At my primary school, I was on the student council three times. I really enjoyed going out with my Head Teacher to do things. I wanted to have that experience in secondary school."

DHG: "At primary school, I was on the student council. I wasn’t very good at making speeches, so I wanted the opportunity to be able to talk and overcome my shyness."

DHB: "I wanted to play a bigger part in the school and support the other children."

How did you feel when you were elected by your peers?

HB: "A bit surprised because all the other candidates were great and had good presentations as well. It was really close."

HG: "I was amazed because there were many people who stood and I thought their presentations were better than mine. I only knew three people when I started so I was very happy when people voted for me."

DHG: "I was surprised because I didn’t know we were having Deputies. I also felt quite sorry for the people who didn’t get what they wanted, so I was careful not to boast."

DHB: "I was also surprised and very excited. When they announced our names I was very relieved and happy."

What do you enjoy most about the role?

HB: "Representing the school and showing visitors around. We take them around the school and describe the lessons and show them where we work."

HG: "I like the fact that students in the school recognise me because I’m Head Girl. The teachers share things with us and then we explain it to other students."

DHG: "The best bit is showing visitors around and hearing what they like about the school and listening to their ideas on how we can improve. I also enjoy being on the Student Council."

DHB: "I enjoy supporting other students and showing visitors around. We were also the first pupils to get to see the second floor of the school!"

Why do you like being a student at The Boulevard Academy?

HB: "We get a lot more education so we’ll probably get a better job when we leave. The lessons are fun. In nearly all of them, we are able to use our lap tops as well."

HG: "The teachers focus on you individually. At other schools there are 200 or 300 students in a year. Here we all know what we need to do to improve and what we are doing well."

DHG: "Getting to know more people. We are the first Year 7s so we’re always going to be the oldest year group."

DHB: "Probably that we get to spend more hours at school than other children."

What is your ambition when you leave school?

HB: "Go to college and university and have a career as an architect."

HG: "Go to college to be a sports coach for young children or I would like to be a chef. I also think that I might like to be a psychologist."

DHG: "I want to become a fashion designer. I want people to admire and wear my designs."

DHB: "I want to design games and work with people like Jim Bonacci who made Happy Wheels."

What advice would you give to someone starting at the Academy?"

HB: "I would just say be themselves and try their hardest."

HG: "It’s worth coming because we get a year’s extra education compared to everyone else when you add up the longer hours."

DHG: "Don’t worry because you’ll make lots of friends. You’ll fit in nicely and everything will be OK. The dinners are lovely as well!"

DHB: "Don’t be afraid and be yourself."

Mrs T Perkins, Learning Assistant
I most enjoy working with our Boulevard Academy students. They are already demonstrating an enthusiasm, determination and motivation to achieve. I also like being part of such a fantastic team of people, dedicated to ensuring all students reach their full potential.
Mrs T. Perkins,
Learning Assistant