The Boulevard Academy
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The Boulevard Academy is a modern school on the site of the former home of Hull FC.

Great care has been taken to design a building with well-engineered learning spaces and state-of-the-art facilities.

The school boasts one of the best ICT learning platforms in the country. All students have their own laptops and learning opportunities are specifically designed to promote ICT literacy and to develop students as ‘digital natives’, able to deploy these technologies as flexible key skills. A super-fast wi-fi network gives them controlled access to the internet to support personalised learning anywhere in the building.

The Academy building has been designed with the business environment in mind. The Learning Resource Centre, Learning Library, Business Studies and ICT facilities are modelled on modern day open plan offices. The aspirational building is designed to encourage learning and puts the needs of the students first.

The uncluttered, open-plan layout removes physical barriers that limit interaction between the staff and students and encourages stronger working relationships between students and teachers.

Throughout the building, there are break out spaces where small groups can work and learn together, creating an atmosphere that mirrors the demands of a busy, modern, vibrant and multi – tasking modern workplace.

Both teaching and learning spaces are arranged so that there is a high level of availability and interaction between students and staff. Learners and teachers often share the same work environment as they accomplish their work.

Learning is resourced to the benefit of students. In order to maintain a consistent learning environment, students occupy their own Learning Homebase whilst teachers move to different classrooms. . This creates more time for learning and gives the students their own workspace where they can keep all their learning resources.

The academy is well provided with a Multi-use Sports Hall with a Gym and Dance Studio, a full-size grass pitch and three junior pitches. There is also a Multi-use Games Area with provision for netball, basketball, hockey, five – side soccer and tennis.