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Academy Days

Academy Days

The Academy operates a longer school day in order to accelerate learning and to provide both enrichment and personalised learning opportunities.

Students are expected to arrive at the Academy at 8.20am and formal learning concludes at 4.30pm. Students are expected to attend the Academy on Saturday mornings and benefit from a two-week longer summer term.

The reason for this is simple – if students are to achieve the highest possible outcomes they will benefit from the provision of more high quality teaching and learning time.

In this way, students receive more than 300 hours extra learning time a year or the equivalent of an extra half term. Over five years, this is equivalent to almost an additional full academic year of learning opportunities.

The extra time spent at the school allows students to take part in a variety of enrichment activities. The Saturday activities provide enhanced opportunities in the Creative Curriculum, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths (STEAM) research opportunities as well as providing opportunities to extend learning through the involvement of visiting experts and with the provision of additional field study trips and research opportunities.