The Boulevard Academy
Let’s get ready to work / learn / enjoy / succeed / go

Mr. S. Abel
Teacher of MFL

Miss. E. Ben-Moussa
Lead Teacher of English

Miss. J. Bencikova
Learning Assistant

Miss. F. Butcher
Lead Teacher of Music

Mr. L. Cunningham
Classroom Practitioner & Teacher of PE

Mrs. C. Daniel
Academy Business Manager

Mr. R. Daniel
Teacher of Science

Mr. A. Deyes
Classroom Practitioner & Teacher of PE & AGT Coordinator

Mr. I. Drewery
Facilities Assistant

Mrs. A. Elliott
Senior Learning Assistant

Mrs. C. Goundrill
Teacher of Science & Lead Teacher of STEAM

Mrs. M. Hird
Catering Team

Mr. R. Howgill
Academy Site Manager

Miss. K. Jackson
Teacher of Art & IAG Coordinator

Miss. M. Janiszewska
Learning Assistant & Teacher of PE

Miss. K. Jude
Student Services Manager

Miss. H. Leonova
Classroom Practitioner & AGT Coordinator

Miss. D. Lidster
Teacher of PE

Miss. A. Louth
Lead Teacher of MFL

Mrs. S. Mallinson
Learning Assistant

Miss. J. McDonough
Lead Teacher of PHSE & Classroom Practitioner

Mrs. C. Metcalfe
Senior Learning Assistant

Mr. A. Morrell
Senior Learning Assistant

Mrs. H. Morris
Classroom Practitoner

Mr. A. Mortimer
Learning Assistant

Mr. R. Navier
Learning Assistant

Mrs. T. Perkins
Family Liaison & Designated Child Protection Coordinator

Miss. L. Scholes
Learning Assistant

Mr. B. Stevens
Assistant Director Transition Phase

Miss. T. Stocks
Family Liaison Administrator

Mr. C. Thor
Lead Teacher of Humanities

Mrs. H. Webster
Vice Principal

Miss. R. Welsh
Assistant Principal - Student Progress

Mr. A. Whiteley
Teacher of Maths

Mr. M. Williams
Assistant Vice Principal - Achievement Phase

Mr. C. Young
Assistant Principal - Assessment Recording & Reporting